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  • Castle To Colony (2013)

    Author: Meg Vivers

    Published: in 2013 by CopyRight Publishing Company Pty Ltd

    Dewey No.: 994.370

    Subject: Remarkable life of Lucy Sarah Gray 1840-1879 - impressions of colonial Aboriginal and white Australia from a woman's point of view Travels

    Format: Book

  • Catching The Waves (1999)

    Author: Susan Ryan

    Published: in 1999 by Harper Collins

    Dewey No.: 324 2092

    Subject: B. Life In And Out Of Politics 1942 Alp, Politics

    Format: Book

  • Catherine Helen Spence (1987)

    Author: Helen Thomson (ed)

    Published: in 1987 by Universityof Queensland Press

    Dewey No.: 303.484

    Subject: Bio; Catherine Helen Spence, 1825-1910; Women social reformers; Australia-South Australia; Reformers

    Format: Book

  • Cathy Freeman - VHS 33

    Author: Cathy Freeman

    Subject: Olympic Athlete-Lighting of the Olympic Flame -Gold Medal 400 Mtr Race 2000

    Format: VHS

  • Cathy Freeman: A journey Just Begun (1998)

    Author: Adrian McGregor

    Published: in 1998 by Random House

    Subject: Bio Cathy Freeman, 1973- ;Runners (Sports)-Australia; Sports

    Format: Book

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  • Central Australian Cattle Station Woman (1993)

    Author: Rose Rawlins Coppock

    Published: in 1993 by Rose Rawlins Coppck

    Subject: Women on outback stations, Social conditions

    Format: Book

  • Central Mischief: Elizabeth Jolley On Writing, Her Past And Herself (1993)

    Author: Elizabeth Jolley

    Published: in 1993 by Penguin Books

    Dewey No.: 828.308

    Subject: Jolley, Elizabeth, 1923-2007. Novelists, Australian. 20th century. Biography.

    Format: Book

  • Certain Lives (1989)

    Author: Margaret Reeson

    Published: in 1989 by Albatross Books

    Dewey No.: A823.3

    Subject: Women pioneers NSW; mothers and daughters; Pioneer Women

    Format: Book

  • Charles & Elsa Chauvel: Movie Pioneers (1989)

    Author: Susanne Chauval Carlsson

    Published: in 1989 by University of Queensland Press

    Dewey No.: 791.43CAR

    Subject: Bio Chauvel,Charles, 1897-1959; Chauvel,Elsa,1898-1983;Motion pictures & directors-Australia Movie Pioneers

    Format: Book

  • Chatting with Centralians: The Lives of 30 Centralians and their Contributions to the Growth of the Northern Territory (1998)

    Author: Shirley Brown

    Published: in 1998 by Historical Society of the Northern Territory

    Dewey No.: 994.291

    Subject: Central Australia. Northern Territory. Alice Springs Region. Frontier and pioneer life

    Format: Book

  • Child Bride In The Mountains: An autobiography, with memories of Wolfram Camp, an old N.Q. mining town (1994)

    Author: Thelma Marini

    Published: in 1994 by Pinevale Publications

    Dewey No.: 994.36

    Subject: Thelma Marini's personal story of life in Wolfram Camp a North Queensland Mining Town and in the Ingham district

    Format: Book

  • Childhood at Brindabella (1979)

    Author: Miles Franklin

    Published: in 1979 by Angus & Robertson

    Dewey No.: A 823.2

    Subject: A/B memories of Brindabillla

    Format: Book

  • Chisholm Caroline: With A Foreword By Sir Douglas Copland (1969)

    Author: Margaret Kiddle

    Published: in 1969 by Melbourne University Press

    Dewey No.: 361.924

    Subject: Chisholm, Caroline, 1808-1877. Women social reformers. Biography. Chisholm, Caroline Jones. Emigration and immigration. 19th century. Australia. History. Social conditions. family history

    Format: Book

  • Christine Nixon - VHS 59 (2002)

    Author: Christine Nixon

    Published: in 2002 by ABC Australian Story

    Subject: 1st Woman in Australia to be a Commissioner of Police Force Victoria

    Format: VHS

  • Chronicle Cameos (1977)

    Author: Mary Broughton

    Published: in 1977 by Nadjuri Australia

    Dewey No.: 994.23

    Subject: Persons associated with South Australia, 1836-1975. Essays. Frontier and pioneer life. Socioeconomic conditions - Living conditions. Education. Religions - Christianity. Occupations - Agricultural and horticultural workers. Costume and clothing. Food. Economic sectors. Hospitality. Hotels and motels. Animals. Mammals. Manners and customs. Women. Encounter Bay. England. Tasmania. India. Queensland. Sydney. 1836-1900. Social life and customs. South Australia. History. Notes

    Format: Book

  • Chutneys And Jams: Recipes tested and Compiled by Mrs. Helen Peut (1990)

    Author: Helen Peut

    Published: in 1990 by Helen Peut

    Dewey No.: 641.85

    Subject: 1952-1990 Recipes; Northern Territory Katherine region; Cooking (Relishes) Jam, Pickles, Chutney; Cookery

    Format: Book

  • City Women Country Women: Crossing The Boundaries (1995)

    Author: Jocelynn A Scutt

    Published: in 1995 by Artemis Publishing

    Dewey No.: 304 8082

    Subject: Urban-Rural Migration, Social differences

    Format: Book

  • Clara Morison (1971)

    Author: Catherine Helen Spence

    Published: in 1971 by Rigby Ltd

  • Clare Lindop - VHS 46/VHS 67 (2003)

    Author: Clare Lindop

    Published: in 2003

    Subject: !st woman jockey to ride in Melbourne Cup 2003 finished 19th in field of 23 rode Debden-coverage of MC race 4/11/03

    Format: VHS

  • Collectors and Museums: Two Centuries Of Collecting In The Northern Territory (2009)

    Author: Brian Reid

    Published: in 2009 by Historical Society of the Northern Territory

    Dewey No.: 069.5

    Subject: Based on a lecture series this book covers the history of collectors and collections at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Charles Darwin University, the Aviation Heritage Centre and regional museums.

    Format: Book

  • Colonel Lionel Rose: Chief Veterinary Officer of the Northern Territory 1946-1958 (2006)

    Author: Trish Lonsdale

    Published: in 2006 by Central Queensland University Press

    Dewey No.: 636.089

    Subject: Colonel Rose pioneered the live cattle trade from N.T. to Asia in the late 1950s. Rose developed the national Pleuro Eradication Committee. He pioneered the establishement of a proper research institute near Alice Springs. Rose was the most senior public servant from 1947 to 1954 and resided in The Residency.

    Format: Book

  • Colonial Eve: Sources on Women in Australia 1788-1914 (1978)

    Author: Ruth Teale (ed)

    Published: in 1978 by Oxford University Press

    Dewey No.: 301.41209

    Subject: Women-Australia-History, women 1788-1914

    Format: Book

  • Colonial Ladies (1985)

    Author: Maggie Weidenhofer ( compiled and edited)

    Published: in 1985 by Currey O'Neil : distributed by Gordon and Gotch

    Dewey No.: 994.030

    Subject: Women. Frontier and pioneer life. Women pioneers. Correspondence. History. Manners and customs. Australia. Social life and customs.

    Format: Book

  • Colonial Sisters (1994)

    Author: Jane Hylton

    Published: in 1994 by Art Gallery Board of South Australia, Artists

    Subject: Martha Berkeley, Exhibitions: Walker,Theresa,1807 - 1876 - Exhibitions

    Format: Book