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  • Footsteps and Voices: A Historical Look into the Cascades Female Factory (2004)

    Author: Lucy Frost

    Published: in 2004 by Female Factory Historic Site

    Dewey No.: 365.430

    Subject: Female Factory, 19th century, Women prisoners, Women convicts, History, Reformatories for women, Tasmania, Hobart, Historic sites, 1828-1904, convicts/prison

    Format: Book

  • For Love or Money: A Pictorial History of Women and Work in Australia (1985)

    Author: Megan, Margot & Jeni McMurchy, Oliver & Thornley

    Published: in 1985 by Penguin Books

    Dewey No.: 331.409

    Subject: Women-Employment-Australia-History, Social/work

    Format: Book

  • For Richer For Poorer: Early Colonial Marriages (1994)

    Author: Penny Russell (ed)

    Published: in 1994 by Melbourne University Press

    Dewey No.: 306.810

    Subject: Marriage-Australia-History-19thCentury etc Social/marriages

    Format: Book

  • For the Love of a Soldier (1987)

    Author: Annette & Lucinda Potts & Strauss

    Published: in 1987 by ABC

    Dewey No.: 306.8450913

    Subject: World War, 1939 - 1945 - Women - Australia ;Americans-Australia-History

    Format: Book

  • For Your Spare Moment: Anthology (1987)

    Author: Thea Hughes

    Published: in 1987 by Movement Publications

    Dewey No.: 808.8

    Subject: Anthology; Poems/writings

    Format: Book

  • Forsaken Settlement: An Illustrated History of the Settlement of Victoria, Port Essington, North Australia, 1838-1849 (1979)

    Author: Peter Spillett

    Published: in 1979 by Lansdowne

    Dewey No.: 994.295

    Subject: Historic sites. Northern Territory. Environment. Climate and weather. Storms. Colonisation - 1788-1850. Macassans and Indonesians. Explorers. Settlement and contacts - Settlers. Trade and exchange. Marrgu /​ Margu people. Wurangu people. Iwaidja /​ Yiwayja /​ Yiwadya people. Tiwi Islands. West Arnhem Land. Victoria. Sydney. Northern Territory. History. Port Essington. Victoria. History Summary

    Format: Book

  • Foxybaby (1987)

    Author: Elizabeth Jolley

    Published: in 1987 by University of Qld Press

    Dewey No.: 823.3

    Subject: Novel

    Format: Book

  • Frank Hurley & his twin daughters - Photographer - VHS 39

    Author: Frank Hurley

    Subject: Photography Adelie & Toni Mooy-Hurley- Adelie 1st female Press Photographer

    Format: VHS

  • Free Lace Patterns (1990)

    Author: Sheila Brown

    Published: in 1990 by Batsford Ltd

  • Freedom Ride: A Freedom Rider Remembers (2002)

    Author: Ann Curthoys

    Published: in 2002 by Allen & Unwin

    Dewey No.: 994

    Subject: Cuthroys, Ann. Healey, Patricia. Spigelman, James, 1946- Perkins, Charles, 1936-2000. Journeys. Student Action for Aborigines. Returned Services League of Australia. Aborigines Welfare Boar. Aboriginal Civil rights workers -- Economic conditions. Treatment. Australia. Political action. Activism. Politics and Government. Political action. Anti racism. Socioeconomic conditions. Living conditions. Racism. Stereotyping. Housing. Government policy. State and territory. New South Wales. Education. Health. Politics and Government - Civil rights and citizenship. Habitation - Camps. Civil rights movements. History Discrimination. Social condition. History Social conditions. Australia. Aboriginal Australians. Social conditions. Civil rights. Civil rights movements. Race relations. Droits civils et politiques. 20e siècle. Aborigènes d'Australie. Droits. Walgett. Moree. Grafton. Kempsey. Boggabilla. Gulargambone. Wellington. Lismore. Cabbage Tree Island. Bowraville. History. 1965. Description and travel. Australie. Histoire. Race relations. New South Wales Aborigines Protest movements Demonstrations Tertiary students University of Sydney Perkins, Charles. ride to challenge discrimination & racism

    Format: Book

  • From a Camel to the Moon (1999)

    Author: Leonie Christopherson (ed)

    Published: in 1999 by National Council of Women of Australia Ltd

    Dewey No.: 820.809

    Subject: Anthology for the International year of older persons , poetry, stories, women's experiences, Australian literature -- Women authors. Australia -- Literary collections. 20th century

    Format: Book

  • From a Flicker to a Flame: Story of the Girl Guides in Australia (1990)

    Author: Margaret & Honor Coleman & Darling

    Published: in 1990 by Girl Guides Assn Aust.Inc

    Dewey No.: 369 436

    Subject: Girl Guides Assoc.of Australia- History, Social-Girl Guides

    Format: Book

  • From Alice to Ocean: Alone Across the Outback (1992)

    Author: Robyn Davidson,

    Published: in 1992 by Penguin Books

    Dewey No.: 919.40

    Subject: Outback Travel; TRAVEL

    Format: Book

  • From Droughts to Flooding Rains (1986)

    Author: Jubilee Committee

    Published: in 1986 by Jubilee 150

    Dewey No.: 641.599

    Subject: recipes from early settlers; Cookery

    Format: Book

  • From Hospital To University: A Northern Territory Nursing Story (2014)

    Author: Elizabeth (Janie) Mason

    Published: in 2014 by Historical Society of the Northern Territory

    Dewey No.: 610.7343099429

    Subject: Elizabeth mason's life as a registered nurse, senior lecturer at Charles Darwin University, first woman president of the NT trades & Labor Council

    Format: Book

  • From Mangle To Microwave : The Mechanization Of Household Work. (1988)

    Author: Christina Hardyment

    Published: in 1988 by Polity Press ; Oxford, UK ; New York, NY, USA : Basil Blackwell

    Dewey No.: 683.809

    Subject: Household appliances, Electric. 20th century. Housewives. 19th century. Housework Technological change Overseas item. Domestic appliances. Great Britain. Household equipment, 1851-1986

    Format: Book

  • From Strength to Strength (1994)

    Author: Sara Henderson,

    Published: in 1994 by Pan Macmillan

    Dewey No.: 920

    Subject: autobiography of Sara Henderson

    Format: Cassette

  • From Strength to Strength: An Autobiography (1993)

    Author: Sarah Henderson

    Published: in 1993 by Pan Macmillan

    Dewey No.: 338.092

    Subject: A/B Henderson,Sara,1936 - ; Women in Business-Australia; Pioneer-Modern

    Format: Book

  • From the Heart: True Stories of Australian Nurses (1997)

    Author: Amanda Tatttam (ed)

    Published: in 1997 by Thomas C Lothian P/L

    Dewey No.: 610

    Subject: Nursing - Australia, Medical

    Format: Book

  • From The Heart: Women's Experiences of the Australian Outback (2002)

    Author: various

    Published: in 2002 by National Council of Women of Australia Inc Ltd

    Dewey No.: 820.809

    Subject: Short stories. Australian literature. Women authors. 20th century. Rural women Biography.

    Format: Book

  • Frontier Country (1989 - reprinted 1993)

    Author: Sheena Coupe (ED)

    Published: in 1989 - reprinted 1993 by Weldon Russell

    Dewey No.: 994

    Subject: Australia Outback Heritage B/W & colour photos, paintings & linedrawings; 2 volumes in box; Outback History

    Format: Book

  • Frost Bytes: A Story of Two Women at Opposite Ends of the Earth (1995)

    Author: Pene & Gina Greet & Price

    Published: in 1995 by Doubleday

    Dewey No.: 530.092

    Subject: Greet,P - Correspondence Polar Regions, Women/Travel

    Format: Book

  • Gaby Kennard Solo Woman - VHS 42 (1990)

    Author: Gaby Kennard

    Published: in 1990

    Subject: First Australian Woman to Fly Solo Around the World

    Format: VHS

  • Gai: In My Words (2010)

    Author: Gai Waterhouse

    Published: in 2010 by Slattery Media Group

    Dewey No.: 978.400

    Subject: Waterhouse, Gai. Women in horse racing. Australia .Biography. Women in horse racing. Racehorse trainers.

    Format: Book

  • Gems of Wisdom: In Celebration of 1999 International Year of the Older Person (1999)

    Author: WAC NT

    Published: in 1999 by NT Women's Advisory Council

    Dewey No.: 390

    Subject: anthology for Older People, Anthology

    Format: Book