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  • Guzin Najim's the promise : an Iraqi mother's desperate flight to freedom /​ Sandra Lee. (2003)

    Author: Sandra (Sandra E.) Lee

    Published: in 2003 by Bantam Books, 2003.

    Dewey No.: 920.72

    Subject: Biography, Mothers -- Iraq -- Biography.

    Format: Book

  • Guzin Najim's the promise : an Iraqi mother's desperate flight to freedom /​ Sandra Lee. (2003)

    Author: Sandra (Sandra E.) Lee

    Published: in 2003 by Bantam Books, 2003.

    Dewey No.: 920.72

    Subject: Biography, Mothers -- Iraq -- Biography.

    Format: Book

  • Half a Century in Arnhem Land (1981)

    Author: Ella Shepherdson

    Published: in 1981 by Ella and Harold Shepherdson

    Dewey No.: 994.295

    Subject: Ella. Shepherdson, H. Shepherdson, Harold. Djinang/​Dyinang people. Religions. Christianity. Methodist Church. Indigenous peoples. Pacific. Missions. Aboriginal Australians. Description and travel. Social conditions. East Arnhem Land. Central Arnhem Land . Pictorial works. Milingimbi. Elcho Island. Yirrkala

    Format: Book

  • Half the Race: A History of Australian Women in Sport (1991)

    Author: Marion Stell

    Published: in 1991 by Collins Angus & Robertson

    Dewey No.: 796 082

    Subject: Women Athletes-Australia-History, Athletics

    Format: Book

  • Hand In Hand: The Story of the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children, Sydney (1979)

    Author: D.G. (MBBS FRACP) Hamilton

    Published: in 1979 by John Ferguson Pty Ltd

    Dewey No.: 362.110994

    Subject: Story of Royal Alexandra Hospital for Kids Sydney; Medical/hospital RA Sydney

    Format: Book

  • Handbook for Mental Nurses: (Handbook for Attendants on the Insane) (1939)

    Author: Royal Medico-Psychological Assn

    Published: in 1939 by Bailliere, Tindall & Cox

    Dewey No.: 618 362

    Subject: Nursing; Medical

    Format: Book

  • Hartley Street School (1992)

    Author: Kate Holmes

    Published: in 1992 by national Trust

    Subject: education, school history 1930-1964

    Format: Book

  • Hats Off To WAB (1987)

    Author: Adair Dunsford

    Published: in 1987

    Dewey No.: 305.406

    Subject: Women in Agriculture & Business; 90 years; Agriculture/women

    Format: Book

  • Hazel Phillips - VHS 65 (2007)

    Author: Hazel Phillips

    Published: in 2007 by ABC Talking Heads

    Subject: Actress/Stage/TV/Film

    Format: VHS

  • Healing The Heart: 60 Years of Alice Springs Hospital 1939-1999 (1999)

    Author: Pauline Cockrill

    Published: in 1999 by P Cockrill

    Dewey No.: 36211099

    Subject: medical 60 years of Alice Springs hospital*-+; Medical/A/S Hospital

    Format: Book

  • Hear the Train Blow (1992)

    Author: Patsy Adam-Smith

    Published: in 1992 by Penguin Books Ltd

    Subject: BIO Patsy Adam-Smith; Australian Authors; Social/History modern

    Format: Book

  • Heart Country: A woman's inspiring life in the outback (2001)

    Author: Kerry McGinnis

    Published: in 2001 by Penguin Books

    Dewey No.: 30772092

    Subject: A/B McGinnis,Kerry Novel

  • Heart of the Country (1997)

    Author: Ian Hamilton

    Published: in 1997 by Wakefield Press

    Dewey No.: 307720 994

    Subject: BIO Mayors-Australia-Social/rural conditions

    Format: Book

  • Hearts to Love & Hands to Save (1995)

    Author: Marguerite Harris

    Published: in 1995 by Calvary Hospital/Little Company of Mary

    Dewey No.: 362 1109

    Subject: Calvary Hospital (Hobart, Tas) - History Medical /Hobart Calvary Hospital

    Format: Book

  • Heather Osland - VHS 61 (2005)

    Author: Heather Osland

    Published: in 2005 by Australian Story

    Subject: Convicted of Murder in 1994 1st in Australia-Victorian law changed after this case was reviewed-murder due to domestic violence can be argued even if there is no immediate threat

    Format: VHS

  • Hecate - 25th Anniversary Year (1999)

    Author: Carole Ferrier (ed)

    Published: in 1999 by Hecate Press

    Dewey No.: 050

    Subject: Interdisciplinary Journal of Women's Liberation , feminism , Social/women's liberation

  • Helen Cole - VHS 20

    Author: Helen Cole

    Published: by Australia's only female Harbour Pilot Bunbury WA

    Format: VHS

  • Helen Springs Station (1992)

    Author: Hilda Tuxworth

    Published: in 1992 by Historical Society of the Northern Territory in association with the Faculty of Arts, Northern Territory University

    Dewey No.: 994.295

    Subject: Ranches. Northern Territory. History. Ranchers. Biography. Ranch life.Helen Springs Station, Helen Springs Station. Northern Territory.

    Format: Book

  • Henry Handel Richardson: The Getting of Wisdom, stories, selected prose and correspondence (1997)

    Author: Susan & Catherine Lever & Pratt (ed)

    Published: in 1997 by Qld University Press

    Dewey No.: A 823.2

    Subject: Stories/writings, author/Henry Handel Richardson

    Format: Book

  • Her Natural Destiny: The Education of Women in New South Wales (1986)

    Author: Noeline Kyle

    Published: in 1986 by New South Wales University Press

    Dewey No.: 376/​.994

    Subject: History of girl's schooling in New South Wales: state education for girls, teacher training, technical education and private schools.

    Format: Book

  • Her Story: Australian Women in Print 1788-1975 (1980)

    Author: Margaret Bettison

    Published: in 1980 by Hale & Ironmonger

    Dewey No.: 016.305

    Subject: Published records of achievements of women in Australia. List of over 3000 books and journals by and about women

    Format: Book

  • Here for the Millennium: The Bold, Brave and Wise Women Who Won't Go Away (2000)

    Author: Jocelynne A Scutt Dr.

    Published: in 2000 by NT W.A.C

    Dewey No.: 305.4

    Subject: 10th Alicia Johnson Memorial Lecture 2000; Lecture 10th anniversary

  • Hermannsburg: A Vision and a Mission (1977)

    Author: Everard Leske (ed)

    Published: in 1977 by Lutheran Publishing House

    Dewey No.: 266

    Subject: Mission Station Religion / Hermannsburg

    Format: Book

  • Hermansburg A Vision and a Mission (Adelaide)

    Author: Everard Leske, (Ed)

    Published: in Adelaide by Lutheran Publishing House

    Dewey No.: 266

    Subject: history of Hermansburg Mission , church,

    Format: Book

  • Heroic Australian Women in War: Astonishing Tales Of Bravery From Gallipoli To Kokoda (2004)

    Author: Susanna De Vries

    Published: in 2004 by Harper Collins

    Dewey No.: 940.308

    Subject: Biography. History. 20th century. Women in war. World War, 1914-1919. World War, 1939-1945. Australia. Participation, Female. Medical profession. Women World War 1. World War 2

    Format: Book