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  • Jill Jordan of Maleny Queensland - VHS 41

    Author: Jill Jordan

    Subject: Pioneer of the Co-operative Movement in Small Towns

    Format: VHS

  • Jill Kerr Conway - VHS 23 (2002)

    Author: Jill Kerr Conway

    Published: in 2002

    Subject: The Road to Corain

    Format: VHS

  • Jillaroo: Station life in the outback (1990)

    Author: Susan Cottam

    Published: in 1990 by Penguin Books

    Dewey No.: 636201092

    Subject: Cottam - Susan - Correspondence; Jackaroo-Queensland - Correspondence; Outback experiences

    Format: Book

  • Jim & Annie on the Overland Telegraph (1997)

    Author: Colleen Hines

    Published: in 1997 by Colleen Hines

    Dewey No.: 383.499423

    Subject: Mary Ann Chapple1873-1960, Overland Telegraph Line (NT & SA), history, History telegraph line

    Format: Book

  • Joadja Creek: The Shale Oil Town & Its People 1870-1911 (1988)

    Author: Leonie Knapman

    Published: in 1988 by Hale & Ironmonger

    Dewey No.: 994.46

    Subject: Mining districts. History. Australia, New South Wales, Joadja Creek. Biography.

    Format: Book

  • Joan Sutherland (1962)

    Author: Russell Braddon

    Published: in 1962 by Collins

    Dewey No.: 012.BRA

    Subject: Bio Music Opera Joan Sutherland Music/Opera

    Format: Book

  • Joan Sutherland: A Tribute (1989)

    Author: Moffatt Oxenbould

    Published: in 1989 by Honeysett Publications

    Dewey No.: 782.1

    Subject: Bio Opera, Music/Opera

    Format: Book

  • Joanna Love/Gillian Hund - VHS 47 (2004)

    Author: Joanna Love

    Published: in 2004 by ABC Buisiness Sunday

    Subject: 1st Woman to Publish a magazine in Australia: Sydney's Child

    Format: VHS

  • Joanna Mein - VHS 53

    Author: Joanna Mein

    Subject: 1st woman in Roulette Aerobatic team -woman pilot; RAAF; AVIATION

  • Jones Store, Newcastle Waters, Northern Territory: A Social History of an Outback Store (2016)

    Author: Peter Jones

    Published: in 2016 by Peter Jones

    Dewey No.: 994.295

    Subject: Jones Store is a National Trust property in the heritage listed town of Newcastle Waters. A tiny community in the Northern Territory, Newcastle Waters is 270km north of Tennant Creek and 700km south of Darwin. For 50 years since 1935, the store operated as a general store, a butcher&​#x2019;s shop, bakery, and saddlery and in the late 1950s, became a residence for a family of Aboriginal-Chinese heritage until 1985. One of the oldest surviving buildings in Newcastle Waters, Jones Store has demonstrated its technical and architectural flexibility in surviving in the harsh Australian Outback environment.

    Format: Book

  • Josephite Story (1990)

    Author: Marie Therese Foale RSJ

    Published: in 1990 by St.Joseph's Generalate

    Dewey No.: 282 942

    Subject: The sisters of St.Joseph: Their Foundation & Early History 1866-1893, Mary MacKillop, Julian Tenison Woods, Religion/Nuns

    Format: Book

  • Journal of Northern Territory History (1994)

    Author: Suzanne Parry (General editor)

    Published: in 1994 by Historical Society of the Northern Territory

    Dewey No.: 994.290

    Subject: Connection between Leichhardt's writing and it's mythology, establishment of Kormilda College, administration of justice during WW11 and deaths resulting from Japanese bombing of Darwin in 1942.

    Format: Book

  • Journey from Venice: A Memoir (2000)

    Author: Ruth Cracknell

    Published: in 2000 by Penguin

    Dewey No.: 155937

    Subject: A/B Ruth Cracknell, deathy, love, family

    Format: Book

  • Journey to Equality: An Illustrated History of Women in the Queensland Police (2001, December)

    Author: Tim Prenzler

    Published: in 2001, December by Queensland Police Service

    Format: Book

  • Journey to Horseshoe Bend (1978)

    Author: T.G.H. Strehlow

    Published: in 1978 by Seal Books Rigby

    Dewey No.: 266.41

    Subject: Bio, T.G.H. Strehlow's journey to seek medical help, aboriginal legends, Travel in O/B N/T 1922

    Format: Book

  • Judith Wright: Collected Poems 1942-1985 (1996)

    Author: Judith Wright

    Published: in 1996 by Angus & Robertson

    Dewey No.: A821.3

    Subject: Wright Judith 1942-1985, 1915-- Collected Poems, Poetry

    Format: Book

  • June Bronhill: A Tribute - VHS 9 (2005)

    Author: June Bronhill

    Published: in 2005 by ABC

    Dewey No.: vhs

    Subject: opera singer

    Format: VHS

  • June Dally Watkins - VHS 78 (2006)

    Author: June Dally Watkins

    Published: in 2006 by ABC Talking Heads

    Subject: 1st developer of school of Deportment & Style

    Format: VHS

  • Just Me (1997)

    Author: Maise Chettle

    Published: in 1997 by Seaview Press

    Dewey No.: 371 10

    Subject: A/B Maise Chettle, Experiences in Aust/UK

    Format: Book

  • Just Racing (2006)

    Author: Phil Purser

    Published: in 2006 by 87 Print Co.

    Subject: Horse racing/ Greyhound racing Sport/horse & Greyhound racing

    Format: Book

  • Just Sensational! Queer Histories of Western Sydney. (2002)

    Author: Liverpool Regional Museum

    Published: in 2002 by Liverpool Regional Museum

    Dewey No.: 306

    Subject: Liverpool exhibition 2002 Museum lesbian Gay community New South Wales Sydney Exhibitions

    Format: Book

  • Just Tell Them I Survived!: Women in Antarctica (2001)

    Author: Robin Burns

    Published: in 2001 by Allen & Unwin

    Dewey No.: 30.409989

    Subject: Women-Antarctica,etc., Antarctia/survival

    Format: Book

  • Just Wanted to be There: Australian Service Nurses 1899-1999 (1999)

    Author: Richard Reid

    Published: in 1999 by nurses 1899-1999

    Dewey No.: 355.3450994

    Subject: MEDICAL/service nurses

    Format: Book

  • Jutta Malnic - VHS 50

    Author: Jutta Malnic

    Subject: 1st female photographer on Sydney Morning Herald- her memories of the war in Germany & arrival in Australia-becoming a photographer

    Format: VHS

  • Kabbarli : A Personal Memoir Of Daisy Bates (1973)

    Author: Ernestine Hill

    Published: in 1973 by Angus Robertson

    Dewey No.: 362.840

    Subject: Bates, Daisy, 1859-1951.Ethnology. Social service. Women. Biography. Western Australia. Aboriginal Australians. South Australia. Anthropology. Welfare work with Aborigines. Bates, Daisy Mary, ca.1861-1951. Culture. Social workers

    Format: Book