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  • Lives in a Landscape (1990)

    Author: Margaret Everingham

    Published: in 1990 by Margaret Everingham

    Dewey No.: 646

    Subject: A/B OUTBACK Qld 1919-1940, PIONEERING IN QLD

    Format: Book

  • Lives Obscurely Great: Historical Essays on Women of New South Wales (1980)

    Author: Patricia & Susan Thompson & Yorke (ed)

    Published: in 1980 by Society of Women Writers (Aust) authors

    Dewey No.: 305.420

    Subject: Women; NSW-History-Addresses; Essays; Lectures

    Format: Book

  • Living Feminism: The Impact of the Women's Movement on Three Generations of Australian Women (1997)

    Author: Chilla Bulbeck

    Published: in 1997 by Cambridge University Press

    Dewey No.: 305.420994

    Subject: Feminists- Australia - Interviews etc.; FEMINISM

    Format: Book

  • Look At Me!: Behind the Scenes of Australian TV with the Women Who Made It 50 years (2007)

    Author: Christine Hogan

    Published: in 2007 by ABC Books for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

    Dewey No.: 791.46

    Subject: Accounts by more than 40 women in Australian TV over 50 years. Women as actresses, reporters, anchors, producers, directors and screenwriters

    Format: Book

  • Looking Ahead: Plan of Action for Women in the Northern Territory to the Year 2000

    Author: Northern Territory of Australia

    Published: by Government Printer of the Northern Territory

    Dewey No.: 305.4099

    Subject: ACTION PLAN WOMEN IN Northern Territory YEAR 2000; SOCIAL WOMEN Northern Territory 2000

    Format: Book

  • Louisa (1988)

    Author: Brian Matthews

    Published: in 1988 by McPhee Gribble

    Dewey No.: 8212.2

    Subject: B/O Lawson Louisa 1848-1920, Bio Louisa Lawson

    Format: Book

  • Louisa Lawson: Henry Lawson's Crusading Mother (1978)

    Author: Lorna Ollif

    Published: in 1978

    Dewey No.: 362.924

    Subject: Louisa Lawson, 1848 - 1920; BIO LOUISA LAWSON

    Format: Book

  • Louise Sauvage: My Story (2002)

    Author: Louise Sauvage

    Published: in 2002 by HarperSports

    Dewey No.: 796.045

    Subject: Sauvage Louise, Physically handicapped athletes, Athletes with disabilities, Women track and field athletes. People with disabilities athletes. Wheelchair track and field. Women track and field athletes. Biography. Australia. Sports. Physical disability. Autobiography. Paralympic Games

    Format: Book

  • Love and War: Stories of War Brides from the Great War to Vietnam (2002)

    Author: Carol Fallows

    Published: in 2002 by Bantam Books

    Dewey No.: 994.008

    Subject: Military spouses. Women immigrants. 20th century. Women and war. History. World War, 1914-1918. World War, 1939-1945. Vietnam War, 1961-1975. Australia. History. 20th century. Emigration and immigration. Marriage. War brides. Women and war. Women immigrants. Frau. Krieg. Soldat. Ehefrau.

    Format: Book

  • Lucy Shaw: Headmistress (1998)

    Author: Wendy, Dina & Ian Black, Monks & Wynd

    Published: in 1998 by Wendy A Black

    Dewey No.: 371 20092

    Subject: B/io Lucy Shaw 1898 - 2, School Principals, Australia, EDUCATION /HEADMISTRESS

    Format: Book

  • Ma & Pa (1963)

    Author: Rose Lindsay

    Published: in 1963 by Ure Smith Pty Ltd

    Dewey No.: 920.9

    Subject: BIOG childhood memories BIOG>Family/Sydney

    Format: Book

  • Ma And Pa: My Childhood Memories (1963)

    Author: Rose Lindsay

    Published: in 1963 by Ure Smith

    Dewey No.: 920

    Subject: Lindsay, Norman, 1879-1969. Personal narratives. Lindsay, Rose, 1885-1978. Lindsay, Family. Women authors. Biography. Australian literature. Australia. Social life and customs.

    Format: Book

  • Mabel Taylor's Diary & Letters From Alice Springs 1905 to 1907 (2011)

    Author: Mabel Taylor

    Published: in 2011 by Historical Society of the Northern Territory

    Dewey No.: 649.609

    Subject: Social life and customs as told, through diaries and correspondence, by a governess at the Overland Telegraph Station near Alice Springs.

    Format: Book

  • Mad Folly


  • Madam C. J. Walker: Pioneer Businesswoman (1995)

    Author: Marlene Toby

    Published: in 1995 by Chil;dren's Press (Grolier)

    Subject: Walker,C.J.Madam, 1867-1919-Juvenile Literature, PIONEER BUSINESSWOMAN

    Format: Book

  • Maggie (1988)

    Author: Maggie Tabberer

    Published: in 1988 by Allen & Unwin

    Dewey No.: 746.920

    Subject: BIO Maggie Tabberer, Celebrities-Australia, FASHION/ADVERTISING

    Format: Book

  • Maiden Over: A Short History of Women's Cricket and a report of the Australian Tour 1948-49 (1950)

    Author: Nancy Joy

    Published: in 1950 by Sporting Handbooks Ltd

    Dewey No.: 795-358

    Subject: Women's Cricket, SPORT/CRICKET

    Format: Book

  • Making a Difference: People, Science and Technology (2004)

    Author: Helen Garnett

    Published: in 2004 by Office of the Womens Policy

    Dewey No.: 306.45

    Subject: 13th Annual Alicia Johnson Memorial Lecture. Social aspects of science and technology in Australia

    Format: Book

  • Making Exhibit Labels: A Step-by-Step Guide (1982)

    Author: Beverley Serrell

    Published: in 1982 by American Assn for State & Local History

    Dewey No.: 069.5

    Subject: Museum labels; handbooks, manuals etc GUIDE/Museum Labels

    Format: Book

  • Making it Happen: How 25 rural women turned ideas into businesses (1998)

    Author: Maureen Walsh-Martin (ed)

    Published: in 1998 by Scribe Publications

    Dewey No.: 33804082

    Subject: Women in Business-Australia-Case Studies, BUSINESS /STUDIES

    Format: Book

  • Manganinnie: The Story of Old Tasmania (1980)

    Author: Beth Roberts

    Published: in 1980 by Sun Books Pty Ltd

    Dewey No.: 823.3

    Subject: Tasmanian history; Aboriginal history; TASMANIA /HISTORY

    Format: Book

  • Manuel Of Domestic Art (1932)

    Author: education Dept

    Published: in 1932 by Education dept

    Subject: Manual DOMESTIC ART-

    Format: Book

  • March of Australian Women (1964)

    Author: Bessie M. Rischbieth

    Published: in 1964 by Paterson Brokensha Pty Ltd

    Dewey No.: 396.0994

    Subject: Women's rights, Society/Woman's rights

    Format: Book

  • Margaret Olley - VHS 58 (2001)

    Author: Margaret Olley

    Published: in 2001

    Subject: Artist-Philanthropist of the art world

    Format: VHS

  • Margaret Smith Court - VHS 25 (2006)

    Author: Margaret Smith Court

    Published: in 2006

    Subject: Tennis Champion; SPORT

    Format: VHS