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  • A Living History 150 Years of Women's Rights (1998)

    Author: St John Fisher College

    Published: in 1998 by St John Fisher College

    Dewey No.: 362

    Subject: Women's Rights, Outstanding women(USA), photos of women inducted into Women's Hall of Fame in 1998.(USA)

    Format: Book

  • A Living History 150 Years of Women's Rights (1998)

    Author: St John Fisher College

    Published: in 1998 by St John Fisher College

    Dewey No.: 362STJ

    Subject: Women's Rights, Outstanding women(USA)

    Format: Book

  • A Long Way From Silver Creek: A Family Memoir (2000)

    Author: Margaret Gee

    Published: in 2000 by Margaret Gee

    Dewey No.: 994.503

    Subject: Gee family. Rural families. Victoria, Northeastern. Beechworth. Biography. Victoria. Country life. Australia

    Format: Book

  • A Lot of Croc: An urban bush legend (2003)

    Author: Kate Finlayson

    Published: in 2003 by Random House

    Subject: Frontier & pioneer life - Northern Territory - Fiction

    Format: Book

  • A Man from Gelantipy: From Notes Recorded by Clyde Sykes (1982)

    Author: Colin D Ferres

    Published: in 1982 by C. Sykes

    Dewey No.: 994.56

    Subject: settlers East Gippsland cattle sheep herding cattlemen Clyde Evelyn Sykes

    Format: Book

  • A Man's Town: Inequality between men and women in rural Australia (1992)

    Author: Ken Dempsey

    Published: in 1992 by Oxford University Press

    Subject: Sex discrimination against women-Australia

    Format: Book

  • A Mavis Singing: The Story Of An Australian Family (1987)

    Author: Cherry Cordner

    Published: in 1987 by Bantam Books

    Dewey No.: 929.209

    Subject: Wauchope family. Komoll family. Wauchope Region (N.T.) Australia. Genealogy

    Format: Book

  • A Meal a Day..: A History of Meals on Wheels (SA) Incorporated 1953-1996 (1996)

    Author: Michael Cudmore

    Published: in 1996 by Meals on Wheels

    Format: Book

  • A Mortal Flame (1994)

    Author: David Adams (ed.)

    Published: in 1994 by Blubber Head Press

    Dewey No.: A823 2

    Subject: Biography -- Marie Bjelke Petersen (1874-1969)

    Format: Book

  • A Passionate Life (1960)

    Author: Helen Caldicott Dr

    Published: in 1960 by Randon House

    Subject: Caldicott, Helen

    Format: Book

  • A Place Like Home: Growing up in the School of Industry 1915-1922 (1987)

    Author: Laura Todd

    Published: in 1987 by Hale & Ironmonger

    Format: Book

  • A Political Love Story: Joe & Enid Lyons (1987)

    Author: Kate White

    Published: in 1987 by Penguin

    Dewey No.: 994.040

    Subject: Prime ministers' spouses. Premiers. Women politicians. Lyons family Prime ministers. Biography Politicians. Biography. Politics and government 20th century Lyons, Joseph Aloysius, 1879-1939 Lyons, Enid, Dame, 1897-1981. Politicians. Politics and government. Prime ministers. Australia. Politics and government. 1901-1945.

    Format: Book

  • A Portrait of Progress: Women in Western Australia 1899-1999 (1999)

    Author: Diana, Valerie & Jan Chase, Krantz & Jackson

    Published: in 1999 by Govt of W.A.

    Dewey No.: 305.409941

    Subject: many varied subjects that effect women

    Format: Book

  • A River Woman: Australia's First Female Riverboat Captain Tells Her Story (2001)

    Author: Pearl Wallace

    Published: in 2001 by Southern Cross University Press

    Dewey No.: 994.404

    Subject: Wallace, Pearl, 1911- Ship captains. Biography. River steamers. River life. Women ship captains. Australia. Biography. River life. Murray River. River boats. History

    Format: Book

  • A Sense Of Purpose: Great Australian Women Of The 20th Century (1996)

    Author: D. W Thorpe

    Published: in 1996 by Reed Reference Australia

    Dewey No.: 920.720

    Subject: Women. Dictionaries and encyclopaedias. Biographies. Women. Australia. Biography. Biography. 20th century.

    Format: Book

  • A Short History of Medical Women in Australia (1970)

    Author: Elma Sandford Morgan

    Published: in 1970 by The Author, 17 Bonythorn, Egmont Terrace, Hawthorn, S.A

    Dewey No.: 610.69

    Subject: History of medical women in Australia from 1890. Constance Stone was the first registered woman medical practitioner after qualifying overseas. Women medical practitioners were registered by individual state boards and restricted to that state.

    Format: Book

  • A son of 'the red centre' : memoirs and anecdotes of the life of road train pioneer and bush inventor of the Northern Territory of Australia (1992)

    Author: Kurt G. (Kurt Gerhardt) Johannsen

    Published: in 1992 by K.G. Johannsen

    Dewey No.: 994.290

    Subject: Road trains -- Northern Territory -- Biograhpy.

    Format: Book

  • A Son Of The Red Centre : Memoirs And Anecdotes Of The Life Of Road Train Pioneer And Bush Inventor Of The Northern Territory Of Australia (1992)

    Author: Kurt G. Johannsen

    Published: in 1992 by [Kurt Johannsen]

    Dewey No.: 994.290

    Subject: Johannsen, Kurt G. (Kurt Gerhardt), 1915- Road trains. Inventors. Stockmen. Stockmen. Biography. Frontier and pioneer life. Inventors. Cowboys. Australia. Northern Territory. Biography. Road trains. Anecdotes

    Format: Book

  • A Spanner In The Works : The Extraordinary Story Of Alice Anderson And Australia's First All-Girl Garage (2019)

    Author: Loretta Smith

    Published: in 2019 by Hachette Australia Pty Limited

    Dewey No.: 994.504

    Subject: Anderson, Alice. Women automobile industry workers, Biography. Automobile mechanics, Biography. Automobile repair shops, History, 20th Century.

    Format: Book

  • A Steady Storm of Correspondence (2001)

    Author: Gregory Kratzmann

    Published: in 2001 by Uni.of Qld Press

    Dewey No.: 821.3

    Subject: Harwood Gwen 1920-95 Correspondence Poet, 'B/W Photos

    Format: Book

  • A Story Dreamt Long Ago (2003)

    Author: Phyllis McDuff

    Published: in 2003 by Bantam (Random House)

    Subject: McDuff, Bettina 2/McDuff,Phyllis 3/Women refugees-Austria-Biography

    Format: Book

  • A Tolerable Good Success (1983)

    Author: Monica Perrott

    Published: in 1983 by Hale & Ironmonger

    Format: Book

  • A Town like Alice: What Was it Like? : From Foundation (1888) To Post World War II (1947) (1998)

    Author: Bruce W Strong

    Published: in 1998 by [B.W. Strong]

    Dewey No.: 994.291

    Subject: Alice. History. Norther Territory

    Format: Book

  • A Tribute to Australian Women (1980)

    Author: John & Bruce Larkins & Howard

    Published: in 1980 by Rigby Publishers

    Dewey No.: 301.40994

    Subject: many different Australian women

    Format: Book

  • A Vindication Of The Rights Of Woman. (1996)

    Author: Mary Wollstonecraft

    Published: in 1996 by Dover Publications. Dover Thrift Editions

    Dewey No.: 305.409

    Subject: Women's rights. Great Britain. Women. Education. History. 19th century. Feminism.

    Format: Book