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The Wom­en’s Muse­um of Aus­tralia has a ref­er­ence library of books, videos and audio cas­settes relat­ing to Aus­tralian wom­en’s history. 

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  • Beverley Buckingham - King - VHS 16

    Author: Beverley Buckingham-King

    Subject: Ist Lady Jockey to be apprentice of the year 1956

    Format: VHS

  • Beyond Blue Hills. The Ternnaboolla Story (1953)

    Author: Gwen Meredith

    Published: in 1953 by Angus and Robertson

    Dewey No.: 823.9

    Subject: 'Based on that part of the radio serial, Blue Hills, which deals with the outback stations of Ternna-Boolla and Nahweenah

    Format: Book

  • Beyond the Black Stump: Histories of Outback Australia (2008)

    Author: Alan Mayne, edit.

    Published: in 2008 by Wakefield Press

    Dewey No.: 994.2

    Subject: Country life. Central Australia. Frontier and pioneer life. Biography. History

    Format: Book

  • Beyond the Furthest Fences (1978)

    Author: Margaret Ford

    Published: in 1978 by Rigby (Seal Paperback)

    Dewey No.: 994.290

    Subject: Chalmers, Charles O., 1874- Kerr, Alex, 1887- Northern Territory. Settlement, 1923-1965. Country life. Australia. Frontier and pioneer life. History, 20th century.

    Format: Book

  • Beyond the Ladies Lounge (2003)

    Author: Clare Wright

    Published: in 2003 by Melbourne University Press

    Subject: Australian women hotelkeepers

  • Beyond the Red Door (2004)

    Author: Janet Shaw

    Published: in 2004 by Allen & Unwin

    Dewey No.: 796 62092

    Subject: Janet Shaw,1966-2; Women Cyclists; Australia; Biography; Blind Athletes; Australia-Biography; SPORT

    Format: Book

  • Beyond the Red Sandhills: A Central Australian Pioneer's Daughter (1999)

    Author: Trudy Hayes

    Published: in 1999 by Claire Trudy Greenwell

    Dewey No.: 994.008

    Subject: Hayes family South Australia Women pioneers History. Frontier and pioneer life

    Format: Book

  • Beyond The Western Rivers (1956)

    Author: Myrtle Rose White

    Published: in 1956 by Angus & Robertson

    Dewey No.: 994.490

    Subject: History. Biography. Sources. Farmers' spouses. Frontier and pioneer life. Country life. New South Wales. South Australia. Description and travel.

    Format: Book

  • Bibliophile (1995)

    Author: P C Abbott-Young (ed)

    Published: in 1995 by Friends of the State Library S>A

    Subject: Newsletter, Friends of State Library of S.A

  • Bicycling: A History (1972)

    Author: Frederick Alderson

    Published: in 1972 by Praeger

    Dewey No.: 796.6

    Subject: sport

    Format: Book

  • Bitten by the Bull Bug (1997)

    Author: Lennie Wa.llace

    Published: in 1997 by Central Qld Uni Press

    Dewey No.: 63601092

    Subject: Wallace,Lennie ; Ranch Life Qld - Cape York Peninsula

    Format: Book

  • Black Chicks Talking (2002)

    Author: Leah Purcell

    Published: in 2002 by Hodder

    Dewey No.: 30589915

    Subject: Aborigines, Australian, Women, Interviews

    Format: Book

  • Black's Medical Dictionary (1942)

    Author: John D Comrie

    Published: in 1942 by Adam & Charles Black

    Subject: medicine, MEDICINE DICTIONARY

    Format: Book

  • Blame And Martyrs: The Commonwealth Government and the Northern Territory Cattle Industry 1911-1978 (2014)

    Author: Ted Ling

    Published: in 2014 by Historical Society of the Northern Territory

    Dewey No.: 338.176

    Subject: History of the cattle industry in NT from 1911 to 1978 when the NT was administered by the Commonwealth and written from the Commonwealth perspective.

    Format: Book

  • Blessed Mary MacKillop. A woman before her time (1995)

    Author: William Modystack

    Published: in 1995 by Lansdown Press

    Subject: video 105

  • Blue Ribbons Bitter Bread (2000)

    Author: Susanna De Vries

    Published: in 2000 by Hale & Ironmonger

    Subject: Joice NanKivell Loch, 1887-1982; Women Journalists-Australia-Bigraphy; JOURNALISM

    Format: Book

  • Blue Ribons Bitter Bread:the life of Joice Nankivell Loch (2000)

    Author: Susanna De Vries

    Published: in 2000 by Hale & Ironmonger

    Subject: Loch,Joice Nankivell1887-1982;Women Journalists-Australia-Biography

  • Bold Palates : Australia's Gastronomic Heritage (2012)

    Author: Barbara Santich

    Published: in 2012 by Wakefield Press

    Dewey No.: 641.309

    Subject: National characteristics, Australian. Cooking. History. Food habits. Australia

    Format: Book

  • Bonnie Henderson - VHS 37

    Author: Bonnie Henderson

    Published: by ABC Australian Story

    Subject: Bonnie's story of her experiences at Bulla River Station

    Format: VHS

  • Born a Rebel (1988)

    Author: G. Edith Wells

    Published: in 1988

    Dewey No.: 610.730924

    Subject: BIO, life in SA during the depression

    Format: Book

  • Born to Fly (1961)

    Author: Nancy Bird

    Published: in 1961 by Angus & Robertson

    Dewey No.: 629.13

    Subject: Nancy Bird; Aviaton

    Format: Book

  • Botany Bay: The Story of Convicts Transported From Ireland to Australia 1791-1853 (1997)

    Author: Con Costello

    Published: in 1997 by Mercier Press

    Dewey No.: 364.68

    Subject: Social conditions, transportation, Penal colonies, Penal transportation, Great Britain, Prisoners, Exiles, 1788-1900, History, 19th century, Minorities, New South Wales, Emigration and immigration, Social conditions, Australia Irish criminals Transportation, 1791-1876

    Format: Book

  • Bournemouth, The Bush And Beyond. (2017)

    Author: Jose Petrick

    Published: in 2017 by Historical Society of the Northern Territory

    Dewey No.: 070.92

    Subject: Petrick, Jose. Women immigrants. Northern Territory. Historians. Women journalists. Biography. England. Bournemouth.

    Format: Book

  • Bow Waves in the Bull Dust (1999)

    Author: Lennie Wallace

    Published: in 1999 by CQU Press

    Dewey No.: 823.3

    Subject: Wallace, Lennie, 1930-2013. Country life. Queensland. Social life and customs. Cape York Peninsula (Qld.). Biography. Biography &​ autobiography. Outback station

    Format: Book

  • Boyer Lectures 2013 Back to Grassroots (2013)

    Author: Quentin Bryce

    Published: in 2013 by ABC Books

    Dewey No.: 341,481 BRY

    Subject: equal rights advocacy, role of women in leading reform, Australian Citizenship

    Format: Book