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The Wom­en’s Muse­um of Aus­tralia has a ref­er­ence library of books, videos and audio cas­settes relat­ing to Aus­tralian wom­en’s history. 

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  • Breakfast With Beaverbrook: Memoirs of an Independent Woman (1995)

    Author: Ann Moyal

    Published: in 1995 by Hale &​ Iremonger

    Dewey No.: 994.007

    Subject: Moyal, Ann (Ann Mozley), Australia Moyal, Ann, 1926 Scholars Women scholars Women historians - Australia - Biography

    Format: Book

  • Bride Of An Anzac: My Life Story (2000)

    Author: Queenie Edith Sunderland

    Published: in 2000 by Gary Allen Pty

    Dewey No.: 920.72

    Subject: About Her Life from UK to Australia, 10 decades of family life

    Format: Book

  • Brigitte Muir - VHS 56 (2005)

    Author: Brigitte Muir

    Published: in 2005 by Storyline Australia SBS

    Subject: 1ST Australian Woman to climb 7 highest mountains on 7 continents

  • Brilliant Careers: Women Collectors and Illustrators in Queensland (1997)

    Author: Judith McKay

    Published: in 1997 by Queensland Museum

    Dewey No.: 508 0922

    Subject: Natural History illustrators - Qld - Biography. Plants -Collection & Preservation - History. WOMEN COLLECTORS

    Format: Book

  • Brilliant Careers: Women in Australian Cinema (1986)

    Author: Andree Wright

    Published: in 1986 by Pan Books

    Dewey No.: 79143

    Subject: Women in the motion picture industry-Australia, Cinema

    Format: Book

  • Bringing Their Tales: Recollections of Pioneers in Early Kindergartens of Victoria

    Author: Victorian Free Kindergarten Union (Comp)

    Subject: Recollections of early kindergartens in Victoria, Schools

    Format: Book

  • Broken Silence: The Moving Story of a Profoundly Deaf Woman's Return to the World of Sound (1989)

    Author: Shirley Ackehurst

    Published: in 1989 by Wm Collins

    Subject: Bio. Shirley Ackenhurst; Deaf - Australia - Biography; Medical Disability

    Format: Book

  • Bronte's Story (2016)

    Author: Bronte & Steve Cullis & Bibb

    Published: in 2016 by Random House

    Dewey No.: 61685262

    Subject: Bio .Cullis, Bronte 2/Anorexia nervosa, patients, Victoria-Melbourne, Medical disorders

    Format: Book

  • Brumby Innes and Bid Me To Love (1974)

    Author: Katherine Susannah Prichard

    Published: in 1974 by Currency Press Pty.Ltd

    Dewey No.: 822.2

    Subject: Two theatre plays show the sexual and moral impulses in isolated societies among tribal Aborigines in the Pilbara and white Australians in the hills outside Perth

    Format: Book

  • Bullo: The Next Generation (2003)

    Author: Marlee Ranacher

    Published: in 2003 by Random House

    Dewey No.: 6360092

    Subject: a/B Australian women ranchers; Henderson family NT

    Format: Book

  • Bullwinkel (1999)

    Author: Norman G Manners

    Published: in 1999 by Hesperian Press

    Subject: Bio Nursing sister survived 2 ww Japanese massacres Medical/War

    Format: Book

  • Bureaucracy and Aboriginal Peoples in the Northern Territory (2002)

    Author: Ian Henderson

    Published: in 2002 by Murdoch University??

  • Buried in Her Bedclothes - VHS 84

    Author: John Williamson

    Subject: Song written and sung by John Wiliamson & Pauline Cockrill's parrot; Music

    Format: VHS

  • Bush Kids and Bartoo and Legends of the Bartoo as Told During the 1920s by Oolarinna's Daughter (2004)

    Author: Mildred Gordon

    Published: in 2004 by Hesperian Press

    Dewey No.: 994.237

    Subject: Gordon, Mildred, 1922- -- Childhood and youth.Folklore. Stories and motifs. Economic sectors, Agriculture and horticulture, Pastoral industry. Arrernte /​ Aranda people, Biography. Sheep ranches, Sheep ranches, Country life, Biography. Aboriginal Australians, South Australia, Legends. Mount Sarah

    Format: Book

  • Bush Nursing

    Author: Margaret Hewitt

    Subject: Bush Nursing / Margaret Hewitt OAM Talk at Heritage Week 2015 Medical Central Australia Medical/nursing /Central Australia

    Format: Pamphlet

  • Bush Nursing in Victoria:1910-1985 The First 75 years (1986)

    Author: Susan Priestley

    Published: in 1986 by Lothian Publishing

    Dewey No.: 36210425

    Subject: Rural Health Survives-Victoria -History; Medical Health

    Format: Book

  • By Degrees: A History of the Australian Federation of University Women 1922-1985

    Author: Heather Nash

    Published: by Australian Federation of University Women

    Dewey No.: 3766506094

    Subject: Academic women in Australia, education/University

    Format: Book

  • By Packhorse And Buggy (1996)

    Author: Pearl Powell

    Published: in 1996 by [Eileen McRae]

    Dewey No.: 994.291

    Subject: Price, Frederick Alfred (1867-1924) Price, Isabelle Violet (1877-1957). Price family. Biography. Australia. Northern Territory. Pioneers. Ranches. Alice Springs Telegraph Station. Woola Downs

    Format: Book

  • Caddie: A Sydney Barmaid. An Autobiography Written By Herself (1966)

    Author: Dymphna Cusack

    Published: in 1966 by Sun Books

    Dewey No.: 823.3

    Subject: Elliott-Mackay, Catherine. Bartenders. Biography. Liquor industry. New South Wales. Sydney. Hospitality. Bar Maid

    Format: Book

  • Calendar of Puddings with Supplements: A Pudding a Day for the Whole Year (1962)


    Published: in 1962 by South Australian Country Women's Association

    Dewey No.: 641.86

    Subject: Desserts. Puddings.

    Format: Book

  • Calender of Puddings

    Author: CWA

    Published: by CWA SA.

    Subject: Recipes a pudding a day cooking

    Format: Book

  • Candles in the Sky (1998)

    Author: Nancy Alldritt

    Published: in 1998 by Openbook Publishers

    Dewey No.: 940.544

    Subject: Anti aircraft searchlight battery 58th, Army, Australia, History, Australian Women’s army service, women in war, 1939-1945

    Format: Book

  • Caring for our Culture (1998)

    Author: Museums Australia In.

    Published: in 1998 by Museums Australia Inc.

    Dewey No.: 700.7494

    Subject: Natnl guidelines for museums, galleries & keeping places

    Format: Book

  • Caroline Chisholm: The Emigrant's Friend (1993)

    Author: Joanna Bogle

    Published: in 1993 by Gracewing

    Dewey No.: 994. 020

    Subject: Women social workers. Social reformers . New South Wales. Social conditions. 1788-1900. Emigration. Chisholm, Caroline, 1808-1877 Women social reformers. Great Britain. Biography

    Format: Book

  • Carrying the Banner: Women, Leadership and Activism in Australia (1999)

    Author: Joan & Lorraine Eveline & Hayden (eds)

    Published: in 1999 by Univ of WA press

    Subject: Feminism-Australia, Feminism

    Format: Book