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Margaret ADAMS

Also known as: Margaret Kentley

Died: 1988

Special Achievements:

First President of the newly formed Australian Women's Flying Club (AWFC).  Prior to the outbreak of the war, the Australian women's piot scene was beginning to develop and grow.  It was largely due to the efforts of Margaret Adams, already a pilot, that encouraged many of its early members. The club was intended as a social club for women pilots, and by 1939 the club had 300 members.  Members underwent first aid courses, and studied aircraft engineering and navigation. They also made comforts, such as socks, for the Royal Australian Air Force.  In 1940 the Women's Air Training Corps was formed and the clubs became part of that organisation.  After her marriage, Margaret remained a valuable member and historian of the Australian Women Pilots' Association until she died in 1988.  

Additional Information:

In 1958 Adams, by then married and using her married name (Kentley) joined the international women pilots' organisation, the Ninety-Nines. In 1960, Margaret and Maie Casey received the charter for the Australian chapter of The Ninety-Nines at a reception at the Royal Aero Club in London, England.