Pamela BONE

Born: 1940

Died: 26/4/2008

Special Achievements:

Pamela Bone was The Melbourne Age’s first woman leader writer and first woman Associate Editor; she twice won the Melbourne Press Club's award for best newspaper columnist; and was a recipient of the United Nations Media Peace Prize.


  • Image - Pamela Bone

    Image courtesy of Pamela Bone, NPWHF collection

  • References

    Pamela Bone wrote Up We Grew: Stories of Australian Childhoods, Melbourne University Press, 2006 and Bad Hair Days, Melbourne University Press, 2007

  • Audio - Conversations with Richard Fidler: Journalist Pamela Bone

    Link to the ABC programme: http://www.abc.net.au/local/stories/2008/05/06/2236492.htm

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