Anne Barbara DEVESON

Born: 19/6/1930

Died: 12/2016

Special Achievements:

Writer, broadcaster, documentary maker, film maker and advocate of social justice. Wrote the story of her son's life and death with schizophrenia, Tell Me I'm Here, which won the 1991 Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission for non-fiction writing, and then translated her work into the documentary film Spinning Out.

Additional Information:

Anne Deveson was an active lobbyist for the rights of women, children and people with disability 1985 - helped to start the Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW and SANE Australia. Member of the Royal Commission into Human Relationships (1974–77), NSW Medical Tribunal (1999–2010), Expert Advisory Group on Drugs and Alcohol (1999–2007) and the NSW Mental Health Tribunal (2002–07).  1983 - Member of the Order of Australia and Officer of the Order of Australia in 1993.
1994-honorary doctorate from the University of South Australia.


  • Image - Anne Deveson 2013

    Image courtesy of Barry O'Keefe Library, Mosman