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Mary Isabel DIXON

Also known as: née Price, Molly

Additional Information:

After her husband Fred's sudden death in 1924, Isobel Price decided to return to their property Harpers Springs Station, north-east of Stuart (Alice Springs) to work the station herself.
From Oodnadatta railhead they journeyed to Harpers Springs by horse and buggy.  They brought with them 200 sheep and three camels, ...  The journey took eight weeks.  They collected their goats from the Telegraph Station and took a further four weeks to reach Harpers Springs.  Here Isobel and her four children --- Molly aged 17, Pearl 14, Alf 12 and Ron 10 built themselves a simple bough shed home to live in.  They ran this property until the 1930s when they moved to the neighbouring station Woola Downs.