Catherine Winifred DWYER

Also known as: née Golding, Kate

Born: 13/6/1861

Died: 3/2/1949

Special Achievements:

In 1921, Kate Dwyer became one of the first women Justices of the Peace in New South Wales.  1905 - 1921 she was a member of the State Labor executive, and in 1908 and 1912, a delegate to their interstate conferences.  Kate was also a member of the Labor Council from 1911-1913 and in 1926-27 she served as the employees' representative on the Industrial Commission.

Additional Information:

Kate was a leading suffragist and labour movement activist in New South Wales. Along with her sisters, she belonged to the Newtown branch of the Womanhood Suffrage League of New South Wales, which was expelled from the organisation because of political activity. Subsequently she and others formed the Women's Progressive Association; wrote extensively on political, industrial and women's questions; interested in education reform, town planning, worker housing and appointment of women to public office; served on the Senate at the University of Sydney from 1916 to 1924; and one of the organisers of the anti-conscription campaign in World War One. Served on many committees. See also sisters Annie and Isabella Golding.


  • Image - Suffrage Group, c. 1892-Suffrage group, 1902

    Back row, standing (L to R) Mrs Jackson (President of the Redfern Branch), Mrs Wynn (President of the Annandale Branch), Miss Caldwell (Camperdown), Mrs T. Parkes (President of the Toxteth League), Mrs Hansen (President of the Newtown Branch). Middle row, seated, Mrs McDonald (President of the Glebe Branch), Miss Annie Golding (Organising Secretary of the United Branches), Mrs Chapman (Secretary of the Redfern Branch). Front row, seated, Mrs C. Martel (Recording Secretary of the Central League), Miss Belle Golding (Secretary of the Newtown Branch), Mrs Dickie (ex-President of the Newtown League), Mrs Dwyer (Secretary of the Camperdown Branch).

    Photo courtesy of State Library of New South Wales. This image forms part of the aggregated collection 'Freeman Studio, Sydney, studio portraits, 1855', and can be found within the following collection: -Collection 03: Further Freeman Studio, Sydney, photographic portraits, ca. 1890-1929; call number: ON 219