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Emma Caroline HILL

Born: 1852

Died: 1953

Special Achievements: 1860s - Possibly first and youngest Postmistress in Hope Valley area & SA. 1898 - People of Tea Tree Gully presented her with a silver cruet set in appreciation of her services to the community. 1952 - People of Tea Tree Gully gave her a 100th birthday party. She passed away in 1953 at the age of 101 Additional Information: Delivered mail on horseback to Hope Valley, Golden Grove, Modbury and Tea Tree Gully. Pioneer of Tea Tree Gully SA and midwife to approximately 400 district children, 100 of which were without Doctor's aid. Approx. 1924 - When local hospital closed she took in 10 pregnant women to her home and delivered their babies as well as all their care and washing