Elsa Margaretta PETRICK

Also known as: née Johannsen

Died: 12/1986

Special Achievements:

 Journalist of Northern Territory.

Additional Information:

Daughter of pioneer Johannsen family.


  • Image - Mr and Mrs Johannsen and daughters Elsa and Trudy, 1910.

    Photo courtesy of the State Library of South Australia, B15398

  • References

    Isaacs, Jennifer. (1990).  Pioneer Women of the Bush and Outback.  Sydney:  Lansdowne Publishing, p. 202-203, 205.

         “In 1923-24 the family was asked to take over management of the Mission Station at Hermannsburg, as Pastor Carl Strehlow had passed away.  … Ottilie resumed her teaching and introduced embroidery and crochet to the women, now assisted by her daughter Elsa.  …”