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Born: 1935

Died: 2/12/2007

Aboriginal or Torrest Stait Islander: Yes

Special Achievements:

Doreen Kartinyeri was a prominent Aboriginal activist and historian.  She was a child of the stolen generation, worked as a domestic servant from the age of thirteen, had eight children and 23 foster children and published ten books.

Doreen collected the histories and genealogies of the Indigenous families of Point Pearce and Point McLeay, much of which had been lost during the processes of colonisation.  She published a number of books on the area, which led to her being awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Adelaide and to a job setting up the Aboriginal Family History Unit at the South Australian museum in Adelaide.

Doreen played a significant role in the Hindmarsh Island Bridge Affair in the 1990s.

She was named the South Australian Aboriginal of Year in 1994.

Additional Information:

Author of ten publications, including Doreen Kartinyeri, My Ngarrindjeri Calling and Stolen Generation.