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Joice Mary LOCH

Also known as: née NanKivell

Born: 24/1/1887

Died: 8/10/1982

Special Achievements:

Australia's most decorated woman.  1920s - Helped 150,000 refugees escape Turkish persecution.  Saved the village of Ouranoupolis from starvation by revitalising its rug industry.  Worked with refugees in Poland, Greece and Romania after World War I and World War II.

Additional Information:

Awarded medals by the President of Poland for humanitarian work.

During World War II, Loch was awarded another two medals by the Governments of Romania and Poland for saving a thousand Polish and Jewish children from the Nazis by leading a daring escape known as Operation Pied Piper from Romania where they were running a refugee centre for Poles who had escaped from the Nazis and the Russian invasion.

Honours bestowed on her by Greece and Serbia.

1972 - Member of the Order of the British Empire for "international relations.”