Christina Rutherford MacPHERSON

Also known as: McPherson

Born: 19/06/1864

Died: 27/03/1936

Special Achievements:

Christina McPherson played the zither/autoharp.  Banjo Paterson heard her play her recollection of the Craigielee March she had heard at Warnambool.  While Christina played, he wrote words.  Christina and Banjo worked the score to become "Waltzing Matilda."


  • Image - Waltzing Matilda

    Waltzing Matilda, with lyrics by A.B. ‘Banjo’ Paterson and music by Christina Macpherson c.1895 ink and pencil; 30.3 x 49.2 cm

    Wikimedia Commons: File:Waltzing Matilda Manuscript - Taken in National Library of Australia Gallery.jpg. This work is in the public domain.

  • References

    The National Library of Australia stated, "Our records show Macpherson is the correct spelling."

  • Image - Christina MacPherson

    National Library of Australia collection, circa 1900s.

    National Library of Australia