Susan Elizabeth MEEUWISSEN

Also known as: Sue

Born: 15/4/1962

Died: 18/07/2000

Special Achievements:

First person in the world to obtain a ruling of Unlawful Discrimination by reason of Disability (Asthma) for exposure to environmental tobacco smoke.


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  • Document - The Sue Meeuwissen Story


    Irene Meeuwissen

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  • Image - Where People Smoke Matters

    Photo provided by, and used with permission of, Sue’s sister Jane Meeuwissen.

    Jane Meeuwissen

  • Image - Sue Meeuwissen

    Photo provided by Sue’s sister Jane Meeuwissen. The photo was taken by her friend Aussie Kanck. It was Sue's official photo for when she ran for Adelaide seat as Australian Democrat in the 1997 state election.

    Aussie Kanck