Adelaide Laetitia MIETHKE

Also known as: Addie

Born: 8/06/1881

Died: 4/02/1962

Special Achievements:

1916 - She was the first woman vice-president of the South Australian Public School Teacher's Union.
1924 - Became the first female inspector of high schools.
1937 - Miethke was appointed as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (Civil) for her role as President of the South Australian Women's Centenary Council, particularly in organising the Pageant of Empire on 27-28 November 1936.

Additional Information:

1924 - Obtained her Arts degree.
1934-40 - She was state president of the National Council of Women South Australia.
1936-42 - Held the position as national president of the National Council of Women.
1941 - She assumed direction of the South Australia Schools Patriotic Fund.
1941-46 – Editor of the magazine, Children's Hour, distributed monthly to South Australian schoolchildren.
1950 - She established the School of the Air for outback children.


  • Image - Plaque commemorating Adelaide Miethke

    Wikimedia Commons: File:J150W-Miethke.jpg

  • Image - Adelaide Laetitia Miethke, OBE

    Adelaide Laetitia Miethke, second president of the National Council of Women of Australia, approximately 1918.

    State Library of South Australia. This image has no known copyright restrictions.

  • Image - Adelaide Laetitia Miethke

    Photo used with permission of the National Council of Women of South Australia Inc.