Also known as: née Holmes, Grand Old Woman of Queensland Labour, Mother of the Australian Labor Party, Mother Miller

Born: 26 June 1839

Died: 22/01/1917

Special Achievements:

1890 - Founded a women’s union, advocating equal pay and votes for women.
The first woman and life member of the Brisbane Workers’ Political Organisation.
1894-1905 - Foundation president of Women's Equal Franchise Association.
1903 - She became president of the Women Workers Political Organisation, Queensland.
1905 - Instrumental in gaining the vote for women in Queensland.
1908 - She was one of two women to attend a Commonwealth Labor conference, only the second time a woman was a delegate.
1912 - She lead a contingent of women to Parliament House, avoiding police with fixed bayonets.

Additional Information:

1891 - Emma gave evidence the Queensland Government’s Royal Commission into shops, factories, and workshops, exposing “sweaters” and their exploitation of women workers.
Vice-president of the Women’s Peace Army.
1922 - A bust of her was unveiled at Trades Hall, funded by public subscription.


  • Image - Emma Miller

    Portrait of Mrs. Emma Miller: [suffragette movement in Queensland]

    State Library of Queensland. Out of copyright.