Also known as: née Minogue, Granny

Born: 1839

Died: 6/3/1912

Special Achievements:

Just arrived from Galway, Ann married Moses Walter JAMES in 1858.  In 1863, with three sons, they road packhorses to the gold diggings in Dargo and then on to Omeo.  Eventually they settled on a selection of 320 acres at a place call The Swamp.  With eight children she was also a midwife in the district.

Additional Information:

From notes written by Ann's grandson, Casimer James in 1963: "Granny was, I think the busiest person I have known.  She was quite a small person but she certainly had a lot of energy, where she got her knowledge of how to do all the things she did, I don't know.  She was noted as a good nurse, and it was nothing for her to ride 50 miles, and put in days of nursing sick friends.  She was also one of profession, that is today almost a memory, a "midwife"....She supervised everything, other than the milking and cattle business.  She took care of the meat, bacon making, pig rearing and feeding, attending the milk and cream and various other activities.  She also made all the soap and candles that were used." 


  • Image - Ann James

    Photo courtesy of Rita Ward (Ann James' granddaughter). Source: NPWHF collection