Grace Emily MUNRO

Also known as: née Gordon

Born: 25/03/1879

Died: 23/07/1964

Special Achievements:

1922 - Founder of the Country Women's Association of Australia (CWA), with her as the president.  She travelled New South Wales and Queensland , and by 1923 formed 68 branches and 17 Rest Rooms for mothers and children in country towns.
Grace was the first woman to serve on a hospital board in rural New South Wales.
1935 - She was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire.
2001 - Inducted into the Victorian Honour Roll of Women.

Additional Information:

Trained as a sister of St John of Jerusalem.  Worked with the Red Cross during World War I.
Grace campaigned for maternity wards in hospitals and separate railway carriages for mothers and children.


  • Image - Grace Munro

    Portrait of Mrs. Hugh Munro, founder of the Country Women's Association of Australia, 10th April 1922 / Payne State Library of NSW, Mitchell Library ML 614

    Photo used with permission of State Library of New South Wales, "This work is out of copyright and you may freely use reproductions of the work for the purposes detailed in your correspondence."