Dorothy Annie NECK

Also known as: née Meyers, Anne

Born: 1898

Additional Information:

Daughter of Charlie and Annie née Williams Meyers.

Dorothy attended Muirden College, Adelaide, South Australia.  "Later she joined the staff of Charles Moore, then the biggest emporium in South Australia.  During the First World War she met ... David.  The war ended before David saw active service, and he and Dorothy were married in the early 1920s."


  • Image - Dorothy Meyers, front, second from left

    Alice Springs telegraph station wives with their children, left to right, back, Doris Bradshaw, Ernest Allchurch (Mrs Bradshaw's Brother), Bessie Williams (Annie Meyers sister and future wife of Ernest Allchurch), Nellie French (policeman' s wife) with Eugene French, John Meyers, Annie Meyers, Donnell Bradshaw, Atlanta Bradshaw with Edna Bradshaw, front, Mortimer Bradshaw, Dorothy Meyers, Jack Bradshaw and Consie Bradshaw.

    Northern Territory Library, Photo No: PH0756/0050