Also known as: née Cooper, née Pepperill

Born: 08/1902

Died: 26/01/1999

Aboriginal or Torrest Stait Islander: Yes

Additional Information:

Lived on Undoolya Station. Went to school at Ida Standley's Bungalow which was located in Parsons Street at that time.
Husband was a road builder and builder of "Turkey Nest" dams. She was one of the longest serving members of the Uniting Church in Alice Springs.


  • References

    Aunty Maude one of the last pioneers.  Centralian Advocate.  January 29, 1999:12.

  • Image - Maude Nicholls

    National Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame

  • Image - Maude Nicholls

    Hazel Golder (with cane) in the front left, Gertie Turner front right, Maude Nicholls back left, Eileen Parke back right.

    National Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame