Also known as: née Winstanley, Eliza O'Flaherty

Born: 1818

Died: 2 December 1882

Special Achievements:

First native born actress to make a name on the stage overseas. First Australian to be invited to appear before Queen Victoria, multiple times.
First Australian actor to have an international career.

Additional Information:

1859 - Her first book, Shifting Scenes in Theatrical Life, was published in London.
1860 - Novel Bitter-Sweet—So is the World was serialized in the Sydney Mail under the pseudonym Ariele.
1864 - Published The Mistress of Hawk's Crag and Twenty Straws.
1865 - Became editress of the weekly Fiction for Family Reading.
1866 - Published the Red Hand.
1867 - Published What is To Be Will Be.
1868 - Published Entrances and Exits.
1876 - Published For Her Natural Life:  A Tale of 1830.