Rosa Caroline PRAED

Also known as: née Murray-Prior, Mrs Campbell Praed

Born: 27/03/1851

Died: 10 April 1935

Special Achievements:

First Australian-born novelist to achieve a significant international reputation.

Additional Information:

Rosa PRAED's stepmother was Nora Murray-Prior (née BARTON), Banjo PATERSON'S aunt and a '"hidden" pioneer woman of the colonial era, who nurtured her network of relatives through letters.'


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  • Image - Rosa Campbell Praed

    Date: no later than 1912 Source: Our Book of Memories: https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=uc1.$b675782;view=1up;seq=462;size=150 Author: Kate Pragnell

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  • Image - Rosa Campbell Praed

    Portrait of Rosa Praed. Mrs. Campbell Praed [picture] / photo, Elliot and Fry. 21.3 x 15.9 cm. Date: circa 1895 Source: National Library of Australia Author: Elliot and Fry

    Wikimedia Commons: File:Rosa Campbell Praed.jpg

  • Image - Rosa Campbell Praed

    Date: no later than 1902 Source: My Australian Girlhood

    Wikimedia Commons: File:Portrait of Rosa Campbell Praed.png