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Died: 1918

Aboriginal or Torrest Stait Islander: Yes

Additional Information:

Ranjika, a Western Arrernte woman, was the mother of Gloria LEE.


  • References

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    Ah HongCook, market gardener and baker.
         Ah Hong and his wife, Ranjika, a Western Arrernte widow, had three children, Dempsey, Ada and Gloria.  Ranjika had three sons from her previous marriage.  …
         Sadly, Ranjika died in childbirth in 1918, so Ah Hong sold his market garden and took his children to China to be cared for by relatives.  …

  • References

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         Similarly, Ah Hong and Ranjika’s partnership gathered a community.  According to Diane Giese the pair established an eating-house for single men in Alice Springs.  Ah Hong did most of the cooking and baking of the bread, while Ranjika, many of her relatives and other local Aborigines worked in the gardens and ran the goats.  …