Aboriginal or Torrest Stait Islander: Yes

Additional Information:

Stella was an Allowera (Allyawarr) woman, Jane Webb's trusted Allyawarr Aboriginal friend, who lived at Mount Riddock Station with the Webb family for eighteen years.
She helped with the Webb family's housework and reared the five children.  Apparently the children could speak four local Aboriginal languages but could not read or write English until a male teacher stayed with them to help them through correspondence lessons.
Stella's story is also told through a unique radio play, 'Stella The Fugitive Lubra', part of a series called 'The Land and its People' written by Marjorie Gartrell.  A copy of the original script is held in the NPWHF's HerStory archive.
Described as Jane's trusted and most beloved friend, Stella later brought up Jane's youngest daughter Joy, who was still a little girl when her mother died.  Joy always had fond memories of her upbringing.


  • Image - Stella

    Photo courtesy the late Marilyn Webb, Jane Webb’s granddaughter