Also known as: Truganini, Trucanini, Trucaninny, Lalla Rooke

Born: 1812

Died: 8/5/1876

Aboriginal or Torrest Stait Islander: Yes

Additional Information:

One of the foremost Tasmanian Aboriginal leaders of the 1800s, negotiator and spokesperson for her people.


  • Image - Truganini

    Title: (Truganini) The last of the Aboriginals (Lady) of Tasmania Date: 1871 Accession number: British Library HMNTS 10028.e.10. Source/Photographer: Image extracted from page 187 of The Cruise round the World of the Flying Squadron 1869-1870, under the command of Rear Admiral G. T. Phipps-Hornby. (Compiled by J. B., with the assistance of Henry Cavendish.), by B., J.. Original held and digitised by the British Library. Copied from Flickr.

    Wikimedia Commons: File:B(1871) p187 TASMANIA, THE LAST OF THE ABORIGINALS (LADY).jpg