Born: March 1894

Died: 1975

Special Achievements:

Missionary nurse.

Additional Information:

1922 - She was a Church of England missionary nurse in the Church Missionary Societies "Way of Life" Hospital, Kweilin, China.
1924 - Sister Watkins became Matron of the hospital.  During 1925-1928 she was twice held captive due to the Civil War and a bandit raid.
1932 - She took charge of a large clinic in Hunan.  However, in 1933, as robbers passed through Hunan, she had to escape to Kweilin and again became matron of the Kweilin hospital.
1944 - She returned to Australia because of the Japanese attacks on China.
1945 - Sister Watkins returned to Kweilin to find the hospital destroyed.  After it was rebuilt, she continued to work there until August 1950.
1952 - After her return to Australia, she was appointed principal of St. Hilda's Women's Missionary College for a year.
1953 - Miss Watkins went to Malaya as a nurse to work in villages (Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur).  She opened a new medical clinic in Johore.


  • Image - Rhoda Watkins

    Rhoda Watkins cropped from a photo with Alf Watkins and their grand niece

    Photo provided by Ella McLaren.