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Born: 1921

Died: 1963

Special Achievements:

1960 - First woman in Australia to obtain Silver C award in gliding, and set an Australian women's altitude record of 10,200 feet.


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    Miss Mary WeavingGlider pilot.
         Miss Mary Weaving was one of Australia’s leading women glider pilots.  In February 1963 she obtained the international gliding award, the silver C and was preparing to obtain the Gold C.
         Mary was a resident of Alice Springs for 15 years.  She was a committee member of the Alice Springs Gliding Club and one of its most active and enthusiastic members.
         In November 1963 the glider Mary was flying developed aileron flutter, a condition from which it was impossible to recover at her altitude.  Sadly, the glider crashed on a hill near the Carmichael Estate and Mary was fatally injured.
         The whole town grieved for her.

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