WMA 1506 - Singer number 12 Sewing Machine

Sewing machine on wood and iron stand with footrest, spool and original cover.

Singer manufactured the first reliable easy to use sewing machine with a lockstitch mechanism (bobbin) which was much easier to thread than other machines. In production from 1866 – 1906 it was the first machine in history that could sew multiple thicknesses of fabric.

Years later, once the patents ran out, nearly every manufacturer of sewing machines in the world made an identical copy to the Singer 12. It was simply the best of its kind at the time, the Apple iPhone of yesteryear.

This example is in good condition and is in working order.


Sewing at home was an important skill for women all over Australia for making and repairing garments, especially for those living in remote and regional areas with no shops or merchants.

This machine was used and maintained in Victoria by the donor’s husband’s great aunts Margaret Honora Stagg and Mary Harris who were born in the 1880’s.

It is a rare in-tact example.

Object ID: WMA 1506 - Singer number 12 Sewing Machine