NPWHF1152 - Book - "Christy’s Mission"

Grey cover with yellow outside border.  Inside are yellow flowers made of three circles (two on top, one under), a black stem with four black leaves.  Off the stem are eight smaller circles, four on each side.  The inner border consists of a yellow border with a black one within.  In the inner border is a drawing of a woman, from behind, wearing a long dress with a belt her hair in a bun.  She is hugging a boy whose face is hidden behind hers.  He is wearing shorts, and knee socks.  They are standing at the top of house outside stairs.  To the left of them is another woman, facing us, from waist up.  She is wearing a hat and long sleeves and appears to be holding a coat.  In the background is a street and two houses.  There is a a fence and stairs leading up to the front door of the house on the right.  Four windows and a door are visible.  The inside front cover has “11-3” written in pencil in the top, left corner, written over with what appears like “Teri’s” with “O/N” under it. 

The title page includes:  Christy’s Mission and Other Stories by Lena Tyack (author of ‘The Knights of Albany Cross,’ etc., second impression, R. T. S., 4, Bouverie Street, London, E. C. 4.  Opposite of it (on the left) is a color illustration of a woman, a boy, and a girl at the bottom of house stairs.  The woman is pointing up.  The caption says “’Now go to bed at once,’ said Margaret.  [See page 23.” (no right bracket) 

Twelve and three-tenths (12.3) mm wide, 18.5 mm high, 1.8 mm high.

One hundred twenty-eight (128) pages.  At the bottom of page 128 is “Printed in Great Britain by Hazell, Watson & Viney, Ld., London and Aylesbury.”

Hardcover.  No dust jacket.  Good condition.

There is no date of publication.  However, an online search resulted in 1905 from several sources.

The spine is missing the binding.  The bottom of the spine, or from another angle, the bottom left corner, of the book is chewed. 

The back cover is covered has many water spots and what looks like white paint.

Object ID: NPWHF1152 - Book - "Christy’s Mission"

Materials: paper

Dimensions: 12.3 mm wide, 18.5 mm high, 1.8 mm high

Maker: Hazell, Watson and Viney