NPWHF0723 a,b,c,d,e,f - Set of 6 Syringes

Set of 6 syringes 1 cc, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 a) 1 cc glass outer 8.5 cm L with a 10 cm blue plunger. On the end of syringe is a 1.5 cm stainless steel nozzle. Inside of nozzle has a hollow "male"connector which extends 4 mm above nozzle. Nozzle has 2 defined sections but in one entire part. Top 5 cm is slightly wider and has two 1 cm long x 2 mm wide locking grooves on each side for locking in of needle. On side of syringe is measurement numbers and lines being 0-1 cc with 1 ml increments marked and longer lines to define 5 ml increments. On the other side of line is 0-16 m with small divisions. b) 2 cc glass syringe which has a total length of barrel of 5.5 cm with a 1 cm glass tip. 3 mm in diameter opposite end has two coils of wire with twist on end. Plunger is 5 cm length inside syringe with head 1.5 cmx .5 cm deep. Syringe barrel has a line with 0-2 ml with 1.5 divisions on other side 40 cm with line divisions at ever 10 m with smaller divisions. c) 5 ml glass barrel and plunger. Barrel is 7.5 cm L x 2 cm outer diameter. 1.5 cm internal diameter with stainless steel nozzle which is 1 cm with locking grooves which are .5 cm. It has a stainless steel .5 cm wide band curving around barrel of syringe with 2 hooks onto lip for stabilization. Plunger is 8.5 cm L x 1 cm with a head 1.5 cm x .5 cm Markings 0-5 cc increments- Long marks at every cc. Small line markings at each .2 cc. d) is a 10 ml glass syringe with a barrel which is 9.5 cm with a .5 cm lip x 1.5 cm diameter. It has an attached stainless steel nozzle which is 1 cm in length with 2 locking grooves of .5 cm each. Total length of plunger is 11 cm with internal 8.5 cm. Head is 1.5 cm x 2 cm. It has a .5 cm stainless steel band around top of barrel. e) 20 cm glass syringe which has an outer barrel which is 11 cm x 2 cm with a .5 x .5 deep neck. Additional 1.5 cm x .4 cm with opening for attachment of needle. This is off-centered to one side. Plunger total length 13 cm- internal length 10 cm. Neck of 1.5 cm Head is .5 x 2.5 cm wide. f) 50 cc syringe. Outer barrel is 13 cm L x 4.5 cm D with stainless steel nozzle 1.5 cm L x 1 cm D attached. Nozzle is off centre of barrel end. Plunger is glass tube 15.5 cm L x 3 cm D. With nozzle and plunger it is 18 cm L. Barrel is marked in lines in 10 cc increments.

Object ID: NPWHF0723 a,b,c,d,e,f - Set of 6 Syringes

Materials: glass, stainless steel,