NPWHF0027 a,b,c - Breadmaker

Breadmaker in three (3) parts, NPWHF 27a support stand, cast metal Y shaped with central hole for handle and turner, curved edges.  NPWHF 27b handle cast metal, curved, with wooden knob (paint wearing off knob).  NPWHF 27c hook, cast metal bent slightly off centre.

Object ID: NPWHF0027 a,b,c - Breadmaker

Materials: stand, cast metal, handle cast metal with wooden knob, hook cast metal.

Dimensions: 27a. stand H4-5 cm, W 17 cm, L 34 cm 27b. handle H 2-5 cm, W 12 cm, L 28 cm, 27c. hook H 3-5 cm, W 20 cm, L 34 cm

Maker: Landers, Frany and Clark