NPWHF0030 a,b,c - Fireplace Set

Set of three fire irons, homemade consisting of ashpan, flue opener and poker.
a) ashpan made of tin, flat handle, box shaped pan with curved sides
b) flue opener length of rounded steel with round handle one end and curled hook the other end.
c) poker painted steel, round handle one end and flat poker the other end. ha

Object ID: NPWHF0030 a,b,c - Fireplace Set

Materials: ashpan made of tin, flue opener, length of rounded steel, poker painted steel

Dimensions: a) ashpan H 31cm, W 10cm, L 10cm b) flue opener W 4cm, L 36cm c) poker W 8-5 cm, L 41 cm.

Maker: handmade by Max Bullen