NPWHF0734 a,b,c - Dental Syringe in Original Box

a) Box cardboard labelled with a list of contents, and the makers name and address. The box is divided into compartments inside. b) Imperial dental syringe, chrome steel metal parts with frosted glass syringe barrel. The syringe can be dismantled into its various parts for cleaning and sterilization. A stirrup handle which engages with the plunger a solid cylinder slightly pointed at the lower end , via a shaft. The handle shaft and plunger screw together. The syringe barrel is a glass cylinder open at each end and graduations are marked into the lower end of the barrel A removable seal with a rubber o ring is inserted. The upper end of this seal is slightly convex to match the pointed end on the plunger and in the centre of this convex is the commencement of the exit canal through the seal to allow the contents of the syringe to be expelled. The external portion of the seal is moulded to a pair of flattened surfaces ( which would accept a small spanner to work the seal into the glass barrel.) and a male screw upon which the needle holder can be attached. The barrel with plunger and handle is enclosed in a chrome steel support consisting of two parts 1) a winged finger hold 2) a slotted barrel cover, the slot allowing the barrel graduations to be easily viewed. These two parts screw together once the barrel and plunger are in place. The final component is a tapered nut witha fine canal through its centre which accepts the syringe needle and is screwed on to the male screw on the seal. c) A small vial sealed with a cork containing several of special needles used for this syringe. The vial is marked  with the manufacturers details. The needles are extremely fine guage. At the syringe end the needle has added a tiny brass cone allowing the needle to position snugly in the tapered nut screwed on to the barrel seal. Each unused needle is presented with a fine obturator to maintain patency of the needle canal. These needles were sterilizable but single use. Together with one complete syringe (assembled) b) there are spares of the plunger, seal and needle holder nut. The eedle vial holds 5 unused needles. 

Object ID: NPWHF0734 a,b,c - Dental Syringe in Original Box

Materials: chrome steel, glass

Dimensions: a) 135X70X25mm b) handle 20X9mm, shaft50X5mm, barrel 11X55mm,

Maker: Claudius Ash & Sons & Co. Ltd.