NPWHF0243 a,b,c,d - Cotton Reels

NPWHF0243a) has no thread. seems to be made of thick cardboard. Light blue-green colour.  NPWHF0243b) Hard cardboard thread card with very light green, purple, light blue and pink threads attached. NPWHF0243c) wooden cotton reel with a fishing line - like thread attached. NPWHF0243d) plastic cotton reel with blue thread attached. The cotton reel has a paper label attached at each end, clearly written on them is "DMC" and "4314" on one end.

Object ID: NPWHF0243 a,b,c,d - Cotton Reels

Materials: wood, cardboard, cotton, fishing line.

Dimensions: a) D 3 cm, b) D 6 cm c) D 3.5 cm d) D 2 cm

Maker: NPWHF0243d) DMC