NPWHF0048 a,b,c - Knives

Homemade knives with metal blades and wooden handles, each with different shaped blades.

0048a has a straight blade with a wedge-shaped tip and straight handle made of two pieces of wood bolted onto the blade.

0048b has a curved blade with a handle constructed of two pieces of wood, straight with end wider at base, fastened to the blade with 2 bolts.

0048c has a blade which is straight along the top edge. The cutting edge 's' shaped with a wedged point. It has a straight wooden handle constructed from two pieces of wood attached to the blade with two bolts.

Object ID: NPWHF0048 a,b,c - Knives

Materials: metal blades with wooden handles, bolted together.

Dimensions: 0048a, L 34cm W 3.5cm 0048b, L 33,5cm W 4.5cm (at widest point on handle) 0048c, L 32cm W 3cm

Maker: Max Bullen