NPWHF0048 a,b,c - Knives

Knives , three homemade with metal blades and wooden handles, each with different shaped blades. 0048a, Straight blade, the end point wedged, the straight handle made of two pieces of wood bolted on to the blade with two bolts. 0048b, Curved machette like blade, the handle of two pieces of wood, straight with end wider at base, fastened to blade with 2 bolts. 0048c, blade straight along top edge, cutting edge s shaped with wedged point, straight wooden handle, of two pieces bolted to blade with two bolts.

Object ID: NPWHF0048 a,b,c - Knives

Object Number: 48

Materials: metal blades with wooden handles, bolted together.

Dimension: 0048a, L 34cm W 3.5cm 0048b, L 33,5cm W 4.5cm (at widest point on handle) 0048c, L 32cm W 3cm

Provenance: HAYES, Patsy

Maker: Registration book notes that the knives were "made by Patsy's father Max Bullen.