NPWHF0081 a,b,c - Cotton Reels (wooden)

NPWHF0081a, cotton reel,wooden top label printed breen, gold, red.  J & P COATS MACHINE TWIST 40 100 YARDS. Other end label reads:  SUPERSHEEN FAST COLOUR. BLACK cotton. NPWHF0081b, cotton reel, wooden, no over hanging lip/rim. Top label printed in gold, white and red:  LISTER 7 CO.S KNITTING SILK Y202- torn lion, dark green cotton. NPWHF0081c, cotton reel, wooden red, black,yellow paper label. 40.

Object ID: NPWHF0081 a,b,c - Cotton Reels (wooden)

Materials: Wooden cotton reels with paper labels. a, black cotton b, dark green cotton

Dimensions: a, H 2.3 cm, D 3.3 cm, b, H 3-1 cm, D 2 cm c, D 3 cm, H cm

Maker: a, J&P COATS b, Lister & Co.