NPWHF0102 a,b - Oven Cloths

a) Oven cloth, rectangular piece of sacking material, edged with turquoise cotton fabric with folded white tape (soiled) in one corner for hanging. There are black printed words on one side, bottom right corner nearly illegible: 23 lbs 713 IvI 17 JAGGED WOOD HEEL NAILS.  b) Identical to above with pink cotton edging, printed lettering 28 lbs 718 4vI 16 JAGGED WOOD HEEL NAILS.

Object ID: NPWHF0102 a,b - Oven Cloths

Materials: material

Dimensions: a) W 37 cm, L 54 cm b) W 39.5 cm, L 58.5 cm

Maker: Ethel Rita Gordon ( Betty Thompson's mother)