NPWHF0214 - Upright Piano



Made in England, circa 1932 by E. Belling


Oral history states this piano arrived in Alice Springs in 1928, and was wheeled to dance halls on a trolley after being purchased from people leaving town.

The donor said all he knew about it was that the previous owner said it was used in many concerts and had dates and signatures inside a panel from every performance.

We undid the cover and found only one illegible signature in pencil and no dates.

Further research indicates the piano was made in 1932, and it was more likely to arrive in Alice Springs in the thirties after the train line had been completed in 1929.

Object ID: NPWHF0214 - Upright Piano

Materials: wood, ivory, metal, brass

Dimensions: 1280 mm height, 610 mm width, 1370 mm length

Maker: E. Belling