NPWHF0244 - Original Box for Bra, 1960's

Original box for bra. Rectangular, featuring in black and white on the cover, a photo of a woman from the torso up, reclining and wearing a white, lacy bra. The text at the top of the cover/lid reads: "Hickory New 4-spot Bra with Magic French-wire cup fixes the 4 trouble spots that can spoil your shape." On the side of the two long sides of the lid is a portrait of Maggie Tabberer, looking over her shoulder at the camera with text beside the photo. "MAGGIE TABBERER says, "Come on gals, banish those bustline blues with a Hickory 4 spot. " The side panel at the base of the box has text: "Hickory 4 spot Bra L210 D36 10 WHITE LACE 1 ONLY."

Object ID: NPWHF0244 - Original Box for Bra, 1960's

Materials: lace, elastic, cloth, wire.

Dimensions: H 5 cm, W 14 cm, L 29.5 cm

Maker: Hickory