NPWHF0725 - Tracheostom Tube

Tracheostom Tube grooved and tapered stainless steel arched (90 degrees) Diameter 8 mm at proximal end tapering progressively to 5.5 mm at the distal end Overall length 50 mm. Shallow groove on upper and lower surface. At proximal end is an oval flange 30 mm x 25 mm and away from the tube. On the front of this disc are markings "24" and "RAMSAY" and on the side level with the tube are two slots 5 mm x 2 mm. Inside this disc attached around the opening of the tube are 2 curved retainers protruding 5mm from the tube opening and directed outwards 90 degrees. Used in emergency/recovery to maintain airway when airway obstructed at or above Vocal Cords in Larynx.

Object ID: NPWHF0725 - Tracheostom Tube

Materials: stainless steel

Dimensions: L 50 mm D 8 mm-5.5 mm tapes Flange 30 x25 mm oval

Maker: Ramsay Surgical Instrument Makers