NPWHF0663 - Dining Car Menu

Cardboard menu folded in half.  Front cover photo view Mount Giles Central Australia turned on the side photo RH Bartlett.

Bottom writing all in black inks. Italics print Dining Car service.Underneath written Central Australian Railway. Bold print with 2 bold underlines.

Centre pages blue decorative line accross the top with Commonwealth Railways crest in the centre.

Centre left page. Blue Ink Lists regulations re dining car and available train the bottom of the page a picture of a train engine facing left and a note saying australian canned and dried fruits are used in the dining room. Header underlined with 2 lines right side blue ink Menu.Handwritten biro changing schnapper to cod as fish choice.

Back cover Coloured engine photo of commomwealth railways.Black ink under the photo Autographs.On the bottom of the page black ink box with writing inside with the details of Mount Giles photo.

Object ID: NPWHF0663 - Dining Car Menu

Materials: cardboard

Dimensions: 20 cm x 12.2 cm closed 24.4 cm open