NPWHF0666 - Letter

Five page letter typed on off white paper.

Page 1: Heading Northern Territory Tourist Commission with stork in front of moon.P6/64 to Leigh Goldsmith outback experience Alice Springs NT 5750. By hand Dear Leigh signed katherine Rutty ( kate hand written) secretary to chairman 11th September 1987. address bottom phone fax numbers of page for Tourist Commission.the letter is typed but this is a copy.

Page 2: 2nd Copy top left corner same header and foot.Same paper but typing enclosed by a black border. inside border in reply please quote visit to OLD ANDADO HOMESTEAD 28-30 August underlined.Is a description of the trip.

Page 3: Top of page logo only without wording -2- Boxed area with continuationof description of trip. Bottom right hand3/...

Page 4: Top logo only no words.-3- Boxed area continuing trip description. bottom signed KATHERINE RUTTY.

Page 5: NT Logo only no words. Postcript covers half the page ENDS.

Object ID: NPWHF0666 - Letter

Materials: paper

Dimensions: 29.5 cm x 21 cm