NPWHF0668 - Womens Day Magazine

Womans Day 12 age magazine dated Jan. 27th 1975.  Front cover Header Woman's Day 30c. in small letters with woman and australian parent. NZ 35c Malaysia 1.80. Photo of boy in shorts with wreckage behind. In capitals on left side THE MONEY YOU PAY FOR THIS SPECIAL ISSUE OF WOMAN'S DAY WILL GO TO HELP THE PEOPLE OF DARWIN.

Page 2. Header 12 page darwin special , thank you for buying this copy of Womans Day. Covered in B?W photos and summary of events including letter from General Stretton.

Page 3. Large Full Page colour photo.

Page 4. Summary and story.

Page 5. B/W Photos with explanations.

Pages 6&7. Centrefold colour photos and explanations.Pages 8&9. History in writing of Darwin of 41 before the first bomb fell.

Page 8. 2 photos B/W Feb 1942 and post cyclone.

Page 9. Photo of main street in Darwin post cyclone.

Page 10. Coloured photos before and after cyclone.

Page 11. 2 photos with story re nightcliffe and cont. story from page 9

Page 12. Rothmans cigarette ad in cover.

Object ID: NPWHF0668 - Womens Day Magazine

Materials: paper