NPWHF0671 - Ted Egan Song Book

Song book of words and music. 72 pages plus cover.
Front cover color photo Ted Egan leaning on front of toyota truck. Molly blue biro hand written Ted Egan song book top right hand corner voice,piano,guitar. Bottom left Associated Music Pty Ltd/address. Bottom right $3-95.Inside cover b/w photo Ted Egan. Rear cover 4 photos 1 xTed leaning on same toyota 3 x record covers.
Pge 1 List of contents.
Pge 2 Bio Ted Egan.
Pages 3-11 Music/words
Pge 12 b/w photo Roger Jose-Borroloola N.T.1961
Pages13-22 Music/words.
Page 23 photo "we sharpened up our knives and we all tucked in.
Pages 24-32 music/words. Insert 4 pages 3 photos b/w buffalo stew, colour Uluru Colour Henley on Todd Regatta page 4 continuation music.
Pages 33-34 music/words. page 35 b/w photo Branding Iron Hot.
Pages 46-53 Music /words.
Page 54 b/w photo crank up the lizzy.
Pages 55-70 music/word.
Page 71 photo 'Wallaby' Bill.
Page 72 blank.

Object ID: NPWHF0671 - Ted Egan Song Book

Materials: paper

Maker: Associated Music Pty Ltd