NPWHF0674 - Music for Wake Up Australia

Six pages Ecru paper blue printing.  Some colour on front cover.

Front cover 329 new edition of great patriotic song wake up australia. An appeal from the trenches. Centre of front photo of standing soldier, head bandaged hold ing a gun and another soldier lying face down. under photo including new verse.  Bottom left copyright details middle dinsdales pty ltd.  Right 6d.

Page 2 words of song in blue.  Pages 3-5 song and piano accompaniment.

Page 6 Back cover details of dinsdales music catalogue. Bottom Dinsdales Pty ltd 269 Swanston st, Melbourne.  Right side top purple diagonal printing sep 20 1916.

Object ID: NPWHF0674 - Music for Wake Up Australia

Materials: paper

Dimensions: 35.5 cm x 26.0 cm

Maker: Dinsdales Pty Ltd